Tub Chair

Tuesday, January 18, 2011 Chairs are household items that have continued to fascinate people for centuries. They are almost always synonymous to comfort. Whenever guests arrive at home or in any other establishment, almost always the initial impulse is to offer a chair. There are many forms of chairs where people sit and derive and derive comfort, such as rocking chairs, sofas, and lounge chairs. Tub chairs are likewise made to give comfort to anyone who uses them.

The design of a tub chair is such that it is of moderate height but can accommodate two persons at a time. The armrests of the tub chairs are connected to the back side. Sitting on a tub chair can actually give you a feeling of being in control. Indeed, tub chairs are very relaxing and are pretty to look at. These chairs resemble bath tubs, and they look good in just about any area whether that be at home of in the office. They can be used in the living room or in areas in offices that require seats. Tub chairs can also be used in verandas or porches where one can leisurely lounge around while looking at the lawn or garden.

Oftentimes, tub chairs indicate the economic level of their owners. This is because these chairs are frequently found in the houses of the rich as well as in posh offices of huge companies. The look of the chair commands authority. Tub chairs are quite pricey, as they are usually made of prime raw materials. You are most likely to find that these chairs are made of heavy wood, equipped with thick leather cushions, and covered with luxurious materials. Some may even have footstools, providing utmost relaxation to the user.

History of the Tub Chair

While tub chairs had been popular in the French courts during the 17th Century, there were chairs of almost the same make that were being manufactured even earlier. A Boston-based furniture manufacturer named George Bright was already making one meter high and approximately 65 cm deep seats, a little narrower than the tub chairs that we have today. A chair that looks like this one was also used during the time of King Louis XV. It was a chair that provided the royalty utmost comfort and at the same time reflected the splendour and pomp of the kingdom. This chair design became so popular, finding its way in the homes of the people belonging to the upper echelons of the European society.

With time, the tub chair became smaller. The tub was first used in America in areas such as New York, Philadelphia, and Boston. At first the back part of these seats was high, but it slowly shrunk into what appears now as an easy-chair appearance. While the Europeans easily latched on the newly-evolved design, the Americans took a little while to appreciate them. The English and the French specifically liked this new design. There are many other variations of tub chairs all over, and their design continues to evolve up until the present.

Fabric Tub Chairs

Fabric tub chairs are more affordable but are just as elegant, immensely luxurious, and stylish as their leather counterparts. The more contemporary designs of the fabric tub chairs tend to be minimalist, but these chairs can be used just about anywhere in the house, whether that be in the living room, a family room, or a posh bedroom. They make full use of the space that they occupy, and can create an illusion of dimension in the room because of their lines. Tub chairs are usually sold in pairs, accompanied by a coffee table. You may, however, go beyond the usual pairing and create a look of your own in the room using tub chairs.

When you are buying a tub chair, check for the comfort of the seat by actually sitting on it. Pay meticulous attention to the make of the upholstery so that you will not miss out on scratches, tears, and such. A viable option for creating multiple looks for your tub chairs is by using slip covers. Slip covers are quick and attractive solutions to conceal the wear of the tub chair; they can also update the look of the tub chair depending on the season, the holidays, or simply, your mood.

Faux-Leather Chairs

As the name implies, faux-leather tub chairs are manufactured using a material that closely resembles leather. These chairs are just as stylish in appearance. They are less costly than their genuine leather counterparts.

Leather Tub Chairs

Probably the most popular tub chairs around are those that are made of leather. These seats can last a long time, given that the leather with which they are made is of fine quality and that proper seat care is observed. These chairs are one of those few items that actually become more beautiful with the passage of time. Leather tub chairs, understandably, cost more than fabric tub chairs. When buying a leather tub chair, try sitting on it to check for fit and comfort. Also, look closely at the leather. Cheap leather usually crack after a while. Fine leather gives the chair a faint but rich smell of leather. When buying your chairs, think about how long you are intending to keep them, so that you can choose wisely between genuine leather and a faux leather chair.

You can look underneath the chair to check on the tags. The tags will indicate whether the quality of the leather is full or top grain. The better of the two is the full grain. It showcases the leather’s flaws are they originally appear, thus giving the material, and the chair for that matter, their character. The other kind, called top leather, is pretreated so that it can be stretched, making the leather a little more perfect-looking that the full grain variety. At times, top leather is being made “imperfect” to simulate the look of full grain leather. Also, top leather does not last as long as full grain leather because the tanning process takes away more natural oils from the former.

Oftentimes, the lesser leather is treated with dye so that it would look more like full grain leather. The thing to remember about leather is that it tends to crack more when more processing is done on it. Because of this, tub chairs made of full grain leather, when cared for, get prettier with time.

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